"I invested in Raj and Lee's Digital Prophets because I believed that they were capable, commercially minded and astute businessmen. They've proved me right, growing their startup to a high turnover leading brand within a competitive space. I have worked with them directly for six years and can honestly say the startups they invest in will be lucky to have them on board." - Luke Johnson

Author, FT columnist, and chairman of StartUp Britain. Luke Johnson is the part owner and chairman of Giraffe Restaurants, Patisserie Valerie, APT Controls and Gail's Bakery. He is a non-executive chairman of Metro Bank. Serial entrepreneur, chairman of Risk Capital Partners, former chairman of Channel Four, and investor and minority stake holder in Raj and Lee's successful venture Digital Prophets.
"Raj and Lee have a real grip of how start-ups work from ground level. At Springboard they have not been afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in - and the fact that they are doing this full time and investing in startups directly is awesome. Bringing money and experience has massive value - having been there and done it before." - Jon Bradford, Springboard

Jon Bradford, Co-Founder and MD of Springboard accelerator. He also founded Eleven startup accelerator as well as founder and executive director of Ignite 100. Prior to this, he was the Investment Manager at the Design and Creative Fund for North East Finance. Jon has spent most of the last ten years working in and around start-ups; both for advisory firms and venture capital backed start-ups, including an Oxford university spin-out.
"Working with Raj and Lee has been fantastic. They are exceptionally switched-on, clever investors who've spent the time to understand our business and team and to find the right ways to provide us with support. In my mind they're the archetype of the new breed of early-stage European investor � ambitious, aware, willing to take risks and ready to back game-changing businesses." - Jeff Lynn, Seedrs

Jeff is a qualified lawyer with extensive experience in the world of corporate transactions and early-stage businesses. He began his career practicing corporate law in New York and London and later served as co-chairman of the investment committee of a UK seed investment fund. He also serves as the Chairman of The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec) and has acted as a strategic adviser to several startups.